The Merisoiu Technique is a unique combination of  Martial Arts wisdom with Modern Coaching Methods and a personal development journey which develops physical and metal skills to be used in any other areas of ones life.

The system has a special emphasis on technique, motivational coaching, and creative mental exercises that contribute to a well-rounded health.

In Tai Chi philosophy: Injury is the natural consequence of meeting brute force with brute force. This is how we move, run, walk, lift and use our bodies daily in today’s society: using force and strength.
This lack of awareness and softness is causing us a lot of pain.  And the thing is when we have pain it doesn’t show up until later in life.
When Alexandra created The Merisoiu Technique it was because her clients wanted to get fit, strong and powerful.
However they also needed to understand how their bodies function, how to move soft and fluid and how to prevent injury as much as possible. And it was essential not to sacrifice the later for the former.
It was imperative for them to understand the difference between tension and relaxation, intentional movement, posture and balance and counterbalance.
The Mindful Control component is where Alexandra’s clients learn to bring together or to align body, breath, and mind.
And then to catapult their results we brought in the physical and psychological benefits and the freedom of training outdoors all year round. Benefits such as strength and emotional balance. And of course the nutrition and healthy habits part.

Finally, it became clear that her clients needed to have access to a complete system which would offer them the foundations they needed to live a healthy and fit life for the rest of their lives.

Once you understand the basics of movement, posture, breathing, nutrition and Mindful Control then you actually become in control of your own life, for the rest of your life.

So all these lead to her creating a unique transformational system: The Merisoiu Technique which incorporates five essential principles of a healthier lifestyle:


Fluid Movement

Food Discipline™

Mindful Control™

Organic Movement

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