Complimentary Health Call

coaching_call8Request your complimentary call by clicking here and selecting the perfect day and time that fits in your schedule.
What you will get during this session:
★ Identify the root cause of your struggle or your pain.
★ The one habit you must address that will make the greatest different in your life.
★ A clear, step by step plan to help you action the habits.

Not sure if this is the thing for you?comfort_zone_vertical

Of course. I completely understand you. It’s not easy choosing the right mentor and putting your faith into that person.

When I came to UK and wanted to find the Karate club for me I went to 3 different clubs. The first two times I didn’t even stay for a session, I just watched from the side.
However, if I never went there and started meeting the instructors and feel the atmosphere I would have never found Shotokan Karate Centers England and I would have never been selected to represent England at the 2015 World Karate Shotokan Championships.

See what I mean? How far it can take you if you take the first step?
Furthermore, why do you think athletes still need their coaches? They know everything about their sport after 10+ years of daily training.

The reason we, athletes, need and have coaches is because by ourselves we can only push so far. And when the tough gets tough it is easy to quit. It’s so easy.
Thus, if you want to make progress, learn about your body, develop habits that will last for a lifetime, you will achieve all of them faster and in a smarter way if you work with The Body Engineer.

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You Gotta Be Fast

During the call you get actual answers and solutions to your problems even if the call is completely free and there is no obligation from your part to work further with me.
Book your call to catapult your success.

Call Bonus

Book a call with Alexandra, and after the call she will send you her “10 Ways To Feel More Comfortable In Your Own Body” ebook together with a daily planning outline to put those habits into practice.

Why Alexandra Merisoiu?

Alexandra is known as The Body Engineer and works with her clients for a few months to establish strong foundations which last for a lifetime. Her clients get results and, most importantly, know how to keep the results.

Since 1995 she has explored how the body and mind works through using many different sporting techniques and through a wide variety of highly respected coaches. At 14 years old she was ranked 2nd in the World Karate Championships, 2 times National Champion, World Cup Champion and now she is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Shotokan, and she still competes at an international level.
Alexandra specializes in physical, mental and spiritual growth and development by making fundamental changes to her clients’ lives.

The Merisoiu Technique and Food Discipline™ are the systems Alexandra has created and takes her clients through. In the end her clients change the way they move and live their lives, for the better.

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