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One 2 One coaching is for you if you require a more personalized coaching program. It may be that you are recovering from injury, training for a specific events such as Marathons or Obstacle Course Races or you want faster progress and reaching your goals sooner.


This means we will work on leveling your weak points with your strengths and developing them together. Leaving no stone unturned in your physical and mental development.


You have on going support through phone, email and messages and personalized training plan.

The system is divided into 3 main stages: Foundation, Development and Mastery.

Stage 1 Foundation

Stage 1 gives you the basic understanding of physical movement, an introduction to body mechanics and efficient body use.

Efficient body use means using the body with less muscle tension thus reducing the stress you place on your joints on a daily basis.

You will gain a stronger awareness about your body and how it functions.

Stage 2 Development

This is where we up your fitness levels, fine tune the foundations of physical movement, your balance and posture and learn even more techniques.

This is where the art of mastering your body begins.

Stage 3 Mastery

You are outside of the box, now it is time to also think outside of the box. Respect the rules of efficient body movement, and use everything you have learnt.

Mastering your body means strong confidence in your abilities as you can perform difficult and precise tasks without fear of injury.

Increase your strength, change your body even further, increase mobility and flexibility and enjoy the rewards and amazing feeling that comes with learning the art of mastering your body

Emma Perry
Working with Alex has been truly liberating. I am beginning to understand the importance of being in nature, combined with breaking the rules (i.e. being unlady-like, as well as running/crawling through mud and streams). I believe one of the best things you can deliver to a client is a sense of empowerment; this is the foundation of Alex’s coaching.

I originally started working with Alex as I was feeling depressed and finding it impossible to work my way out of my comfort zone without help. Alex has definitely helped me move out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to achieve this in other areas of my life too.

Her training has also brought with it an awesome sense of empowerment and self-belief.

My boyfriend appears to be incredibly happy with the changes in my body, as I am beginning to get a more athletic, yet womanly shape. Given that I struggle with liking my body, I think one of the most significant things that Alex is going to teach me is to learn to love my body, and how to look after it (from a physical and nutritional aspect).

The most significant improvement to date has been a change in athletic ability as Alex gradually turns me into a Ninja, and teaches me the kind of techniques, that only athletes would normally get the opportunity of learning.


One 2 One Coaching Packages

Bronze Package

3 months and 12 sessions of 1h30 min.

It covers Stage 1 Foundation. Depending on your fitness level and how fast you learn you may advance to Stage 2 Development.

Lifetime access to the online Academy.

Investment: £798 / 3 months

Payments plans available

Silver Package

3 months and 24 sessions of 1h30 min.

Covers Stage 1 Foundation, Stage 2 Development and, depending on your fitness levels and how fast you learn you may advance to Stage 3 Mastery.

Lifetime access to the online Academy.

Investment: £1398 / 3 months

Payments plans available

Ultimate Package

6 months and 104 sessions of 1h30 min. It cover all 3 stages in detail and more.

Lifetime access to the online Academy.

Investment: £5000 / 6 months

Payments plans available


One 2 One coaching venues: Hyde Park, London and Oxted, Surrey. Other locations may be considered upon request.

For more detailed package description click here for the official brochure.


Andrada Maria Brisc
I am an entrepreneur, running my own music school in London, AB Music Dream.

Working with people can be fun, but it can be challenging as well. Therefore having a balanced physical and mental health is crucial. Teaching singing and piano and working with ages from 5 to 70 is rewarding  but demands a lot of patience and flexibility.

I have been training with Alexandra since June 2014 and I felt a significant change even after just the first few sessions.

Alexandra’s approach during the sessions not only helped me work towards my personal and physical goals, but also helped my business. Guiding me to find calmness and confidence which a job as a tutor, manager and performer require.

On the other side of my career, Alexandra has had a huge influence as well.

As a concert pianist and classical singer, a good health and keeping myself fit are on top of the list. A controlled posture, a better awareness of the movements I do in my daily life, good breathing and better management in stressful situations are just a few of the key elements I gained during my sessions with Alexandra.

I highly recommend Alexandra for any type of training, but especially for individuals who deal with stress and would like to improve the quality of their lives in all aspects, physical, mental, emotional. 



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