Coaching Groups

The Merisoiu Technique Body Mastery group coaching programs are limited to 7­-8 trainees per session and are split into 3 stages:


1. Foundations

2. Development

3. Mastery


Each stage has specific techniques you have to master in order to move on to the next stage. At the end of each stage you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Each class of each stage is carefully designed to build on the previous class so it is essential to attend classes.
Sessions are held once a week.

Stage 1 – Foundation

Stage 1 takes places over 3 months and 12 sessions of 1h30 min. This stage gives you the basic understanding of physical movement, an introduction to body mechanics and efficient body use.

At the end of the 3 months your nervous system, and cardiovascular system will have adapted to your new routine and you will have noticed some increase in strength. You are also more coordinated and agile.

In order to pass on to the next stage you have to show you have learnt the basics of natural human movement.

Stage 2 – Development

Stage 2, 4 months and 16 sessions of 1h30 min, is where we up your fitness levels, fine tune the foundations of physical movement, your balance and posture and learn even more techniques.

This is where the art of mastering your body begins.

To pass on to Stage 3 Mastery you must show a good command over your body and perform the beginner techniques with ease.

Stage 3 – Mastery

You are outside of the box, now it is time to also think outside of the box. Respect the rules of efficient body movement, and use everything you have learnt.

Mastering your body means strong confidence in your abilities as you can perform difficult and precise tasks without fear of injury.

Increase your strength, change your body even further, increase mobility and flexibility and enjoy the rewards and amazing feeling that comes with learning the art of mastering your body

Tone Tellefsen Hughes
Alexandra took me and a gang of four 13-14 year olds on a workshop in the woods recently. We spent 2,5 hours in our local woods, exercising in a way you would never  have done before. Alexandra teaches you how to get fit with the countryside, as a natural gym, using the trees, branches, dips and curves and different terrain you might find in your local woods.

She taught us posture, alignment and how to create length and strength, as well as mindfulness. The girls loved it. They had such fun and could not believe how much they got out of training like this in nature, and how fit you can get, as well as grounded.

I would recommend anyone of any age to train with Alexandra. She has the whole package of body, mind and nature, and fun. Thank you for a truly inspiring and unforgettable day!    


Group Coaching Packages

Each stage is a package itself. You may choose one of the Stages or take it from the beginning and learn everything. The stages are not based on fitness levels, although if you consider yourself to be fit you may perform some of the techniques easier. That does not mean they will be easy.

However you may choose any of the stages.

Stage 1 – Foundation

3 months

12 sessions of 1h30 min.

Lifetime access to the online Academy.

Investment: £240 / 3 months

Payments plans available

Stage 2 – Development

4 months

16 sessions of 1h30 min.

Lifetime access to the online Academy.

Investment: £320 / 4 months

Payments plans available

Stage 1 – Mastery

3 months

12 sessions of 1h30 min.

Lifetime access to the online Academy.

Investment: £240 / 3 months

Payments plans available


Group Coaching takes place in Oxted, Surrey. Other locations may be considered upon request.

For more detailed package description click here for the official brochure.


Pooja Sharma
Manager Pearson Plc
I started working with Alexandra in late Feb this year [2015], and in the short few months have seen massive benefits in my fitness as well as general well being!

Her promotion line.. go from complete shut down to fully functional was designed for me, and I can say with confidence she delivers on that promise!

I had a lot going on when we started working together, and was resorting to stress eating to cope, going speedily down a vicious cycle where my fitness and general well being was concerned.. it took Alex a while to shake me out of that, but she adjusted her approach to suit my needs, ie – to suit my then fitness levels and also using language/messaging that would appeal to me and inspire me to go along with her suggestions!

I find myself fitter, more able physically, more in control generally, and more inspired to make wholesome choices, with nutrition in specific but my whole lifestyle in general!

I like the mix of 5 elements that she brings to her coaching the most – and I find a lot of coaching tips she gives me to help push my boundaries physically could apply to life in general, just as well.

So, all in all, a great 360 degree experience built on that symbiotic link between physical and emotional health. 

Through our interactions on the 1:1 coaching as well as reading all the materials (blogs, fb posts, videos/webcasts), Alex shares very generously, I have also learnt the relationship between seemingly unrelated things causing the aches/pains and injuries.

I am learning how to use my body with greater awareness so as to help existing injuries and prevent any in future. I like that her approach is built on building knowledge and awareness of ones body and its use, and making small changes to get long lasting transformational results. 

Another interesting learning for me has been how much I enjoy the outdoors. While I have always liked green open spaces, I never thought I would enjoy training outdoors.

I started training with Alex in Feb, through relatively cold weather and on an early morning slot, so I had my share of reservations on that, but I am happy to share that I have loved it more with every session.

It has helped build my resilience and hopefully given me something I could continue with going forwards, on my own!

She also actively builds and nurtures a community of like minded, interested folk through her social media activity – and I have found motivation through that community as well!

All in all, highly recommended!


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