Alexandra Merisoiu Karate Shotokan

Alexandra Merisoiu IJKA World Championship Triple WORLD CHAMPION (2)

phentermine unable to sleep IJKA World Championship 2017

July 9th 2017, Cork, Ireland

1st place Kumite individual
1st place Kata individual
1st Place Kumite team mixed

*IJKA – International Japan Karate Association

Alexandra Merisoiu IJKA World Championship Triple WORLD CHAMPION (1)


Alexandra Merisoiu KWF Karate Championship (2)

ordering phentermine online illegal KWF Championship 2017

May 7th 2017, Luton, UK

1st place Kumite individual
3rd place Kata individual

*KWF – Karatenomichi World Federation

Alexandra Merisoiu KWF Karate Championship (1)

Bracknell Legends 2017 Alexandra Merisoiu

soma rc 150 Bracknell Legends 2017

March 4th 2017, Bracknell, UK

1st place Kumite team mixed
2nd place Kumite team women
2nd place Kata Team mixed


phentermine extra strength weight loss pills JSKA UK Championships 2017

February 2nd 2016, Ash, UK

3rd place Kumite individual
3rd place Kata individual
3rd place Kumite team

* JSKA – Japan Shotokan Karate Association


phentermine weight loss clinics sacramento ca SKCE 3rd NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

November 27th 2016, London

topamax phentermine combo 1st place Kumite individual and defending my title. buy phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg online
2nd place Kata individual
losing the 1st place by just 0.1 points. Close, but not close enough.

*SKCE – Shotokan Karate Centres England




October 8-9th 2016, Burgas, Bulgaria
doctors in ct who prescribe phentermine
3rd place Team Kumite

*SKDUN – Shotokan Karate Do Of United Nations


Alexandra-Merisoiu-WMO-European-Martial-Arts-Championship-June2016 (1)

phentermine metabolism booster WMO EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2016

June 5th 2016, Rugby, England

carisoprodol 350 mg addictive 1st place team Kata and European Champions.
2nd place individual Kata and, what would make me, a Vice-European Champion

Although not a Karate dedicated competition WMO organizes great events. The WMO National Championship (see below) was more popular and a larger competition though. Nonetheless both of them gave us the opportunity to test new Katas and fine tune for the 2016 SKDUN World Championship.

*WMO – World Martial Arts Organisation 

Alexandra-Merisoiu-WMO-European-Martial-Arts-Championship-June2016 (2)


Alexandra Merisoiu Karate British Champion

phentermine 37.5 results 2015 WMO BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2016

February 21st 2016, Rugby, England

can you take phentermine with high blood pressure 1st place individual Kata and British Champion. This qualified me to be part of the official England team and represent England at the 2016 World Championship in Spain, September 2016.

*WMO – World Martial Arts Organisation 

Alexandra Merisoiu Karate British Champion

Alexandra Merisoiu World Karate Championship Serbia 2015 - Copy

phentermine abingdon va SKDUN 23rd WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

October 10-11 2015 SKDUN 23rd Shotokan Karate World Championship, Subotica, Serbia. Competing for England, together with my soma 1000 Kumite Team we placed 3rd.

*SKDUN – Shotokan Karate Do Of United Nations

phentermine and bpd SKDUN 9th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

October 20-21 2001 SKDUN 9th Shotokan Karate World Championship, Romania. Together with my phentermine and pseudoephedrine Kumite Team we placed 2nd.

Unfortunately, as a team, we were awarded ONE certificate, ONE medal and ONE trophy. We drew straws and I got the certificate and this picture with the trophy.

*SKDUN – Shotokan Karate Do Of United Nations


Alexandra Merisoiu World Karate Cup October 2nd 2000


phentermine rx savings card WORLD CUP

October 2nd 2000, I competed in the World Karate Cup in Romania, Timisoara.  I was only 13 years old. Less than one year later, in June 2001 I received my first black belt, Shodan.

At the competition I placed:

phentermine 37.5 from india 1st place in Individual Kata
Should I Buy Soma 2nd place Kata Team (synchronized Kata)
phentermine before or after breakfast 3rd place Individual Kumite.

But what I remember the most from that weekend is sore ribs and a fractured left thumb. Travelling back home through the night, it was snowing if I remember well, if not very cold, in a rusty old bus the pain was 10 times worse.

So I got home in the morning with three medals around my neck and a bandaged hand. My father took me to the hospital and got it in a proper cast…all the way up to the elbow!


SKCE (Shotokan Karate Clubs England) 2nd National Championship - Alexandra Merisoiu

phentermine before and after 3 months SKCE 2nd NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

September 13th 2015 was marked by the SKCE (Shotokan Karate Clubs England) 2nd National Championship. Good warm up for the 2015 World Championships.

phentermine treatment fibromyalgia 1st place Individual Kata
35 mg phentermine 1st place Individual Kumite.

*SKCE – Shotokan Karate Centres England

Bracknell Legends Karate Competition 05 march 2016 Alexandra Merisoiu

ic phentermine BRACKNELL LEGENDS OPEN 2016

March 5th 2016. History repeating. I didn’t become a legend (yet!!) but I did leave not with a fractured finger this time, but with a severely damaged left thumb. Oh and same, same results at last year. However, a much, much better performance. Sometimes results don’t reflect performance, although you might expect that.

carisoprodol overdose death 3rd Place Kata Individual 
can i take xenical and phentermine together 3rd Place Kumite Team


Alexandra Merisoiu SEISHINKAI SHIELD Karate Competition


phentermine sore nipples SEISHINKAI SHIELD 2015

June 20th 2015. Shotokan Shield Open Karate Championships.

phentermine stopped working after 3 weeks 1st Place Kumite Team
phentermine s 2nd Place Best Overall Female

Alexandra Merisoiu Bracknel Legends March 2015


phentermine virginia beach BRACKNELL LEGENDS OPEN 2015

March 7th 2015. I didn’t become a legend but I did leave with a fractured left middle finger.

topamax and phentermine dosage 3rd Place Kata Individual 
soma tablets 250mg 3rd Place Kumite Team

Alexandra Merisoiu Porthsmouth Karate Tournament November 2014

phentermine long term side effects dangers PORTSMOUTH KARATE TOURNAMENT

November 15 2014 was the 44th Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament. The best performance since joining SKCE club in England.

can you drink soda while taking phentermine 1st Place Kata Individual
phentermine plus topiramate in the treatment of obesity 2nd Place Kumite Individual


Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship.

phentermine w polsce NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

Unfortunately I don’t remember when I received this trophy. It had an inscription on it but it’s long gone. I don’t know if it came with a medal,  certificate or by itself. I don’t even know if it’s a 1st place or not. However, I am pretty sure it’s a National Championship, in Romania and probably between 2001-2005

Alexandra Merisoiu SKCE Karate National Championship October 2014


October 2nd 2014, 1st SKCE (Shotokan Karate Clubs England) National Championship. First competition after a break of 9 years!

will phentermine cause infertility 2nd Place Kata Individual
phentermine long qt 2nd Place Kata Team
how long did it take to lose weight on phentermine 2nd Place Kumite Team
phentermine energy levels 3rd Place Kumite Individual

*SKCE – Shotokan Karate Centres England



Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship November 2000

xenical and phentermine together NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

November 25th 2000, Romania, buy phentermine yellow capsules 1st place Individual Kumite and National Champion.

Don’t ask me how is it possible not to remember being on the first place on the podium. It does say on the certificate I weighed less than 45kg. I was skinny but strong! Arrrrrghhhh!


Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship November 2014

methocarbamol vs carisoprodol NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

November 14th 2004 National Championship in Romania, phentermine san antonio doctor 1st place in Kata Team and National Champions.

Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship

phentermine los angeles ca NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

phentermine diet pills gnc First 1st place and National Champion at one of the National Championships in Romania.

I seem to not have a certificate for this, they don’t always give certificates. I am sure it is a National Championship though.

Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship November 2001.

can you take phentermine while taking levothyroxine NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

November 10th 2001 National Championship Romania. Placed carisoprodol fda 2nd place Individual Kumite.

Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship October 2001


October 20-21 2001 National Championship, Romania, donde venden phentermine en mexico 2nd place Kumite Team.

Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship November 2003


phentermine hydrochloride capsules usp 30 mg NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

October 16th 2003 National Championship, Romania, phentermine doctors in goodlettsville tn 2nd place Kumite Team.

Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship November 2001..

phentermine and b12 shots NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

November 3rd 2001 Karate National Championship. Already a Shodan, 1st, Black Belt in Karate and 14 years old.

phentermine over the counter australia 3rd in Individual Kata
how many carisoprodol 350 mg can i take 3rd in Individual Kumite.

I remember nothing from this particular competition. Luckily the date is on the back of the medals.

Alexandra Merisoiu Karate National Championship November 2003.

long term effects of phentermine on the brain NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

November 16th 2003 National Championship, Romania, phentermine 37.5 buy uk 3rd place Kata Team


Other in house and regional smaller competitions from 1995 to 2000

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